Chocolate and Peppermint Mud Cake
I steered away from wanting to dye everything green this year and stuck with a more subtle St Patrick's Day cake.
I contemplated making a guinness flavoured cake, but considering that it's really an acquired taste, I thought better of it!
No cooking required for this one - thank goodness as I had 2 other cake orders for the same week!

This baby shower cake topper was based on the Pink Cake Box design (

It was pretty nervewracking creating a figurine that only had one limb holding her up but I am so happy with the end result. Still a long way to go before I get to Pink Cake Box standards but I'm very happy with the outcome (and the fact that I got it delivered in one piece!)
This strawberry flavoured cake was made for our Valentine's Day themed monthly morning tea at work. There was also lots of other goodies available, such as heart shaped cookies, mini pavlova's, chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows and lots of other scrumptious goodies!
Cooper and his mum had been guests at Josh's birthday and had seen and tasted his lego cake so came to see me for Cooper's cake.

This cake was also a gluten free chocolate cake covered with gluten free ganache and fondant.

Cooper is a fan of Mario and his mum had seen a similar cake I had made for my husband about 2 years ago. I've had lots of practise since then and I like this version much better!

All decorations (excluding mario) were hand made from fondant. Cooper's mum wad purchasing more mario kart figurines to add to the cake.

I hear the cake went down a treat - was a great table centrepiece and then tasted yummy once they finally cut it!
It's that time of the year again. It was Josh's birthday and after having made his cake last year Josh's mum called upon my services yet again.

This cake has to be both nut free and gluten free. This was a challenge as there isn't many options available when you are looking for nut & gluten free chocolate. I eventually found a nice one after trying a few horrible ones!

This cake was gluten free chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and fondant.

Josh's 2 current obsessions are Ben 10 and Lego. Ben's mum, Donna, was in Ben10 overload, so had vetoed the idea of the Ben10 cake - so Lego it was!

I loved the simplicity - yet effectiveness of this design. Brings back lots of childhood memories!
This naming day cake was for a little girl called Mackenzie who I did the baby shower cake for earlier this year:
The cake was designed by Mackenzie's mum with lots of pink! I'm told that all the guests loved it - which is always a pleasure to hear.
Bride and groom cake toppers personalised to look like the couple
I had 3 Halloween cakes this year - busy busy busy!
But lots of fun to do :)
Top tier- white choc & baileys mud cake
Bottom tier - milk choc peppermint mud cake
Flowers purchased from Flowerama in Castle Hill, arranged be me
International Talk Like a Pirate Day is held on September 19th each year. The 19th was a Sunday this year so we held our work morning tea 2 days earlier on the 17th. I made the cake, whilst the rest of food was a combined effort between myself and my work colleague, Lara.