This cake was for a long time customer and was for the naming day of their new daughter Lola.
The cake itself was white chocolate mud cake and the handmade figurines on top represent Lola and their beloved pet dog, Bear.
I donated this cake to my roller derby league's trivia fundraising night.
The trivia night was held at Bar Luca in Sydney and was a great night.
The cake itself was a white chocolate and Baileys mud cake with white chocolate ganache and fondant decorations.
The cake on the left was designed to look like our logo, whilst the cake on the right is a roller derby track.
For more information on the league, go to
This was a cookies and cream mud cake that was cooked in a giant donut tin and then carved into the shape of a snake. The design itself was a combination of a couple that Brodie's mum had found on the Internet.
This cake was made for a good friend of mine who holds a Halloween/birthday party every year. Last year I made a haunted trick or treat bag but this time she'd spent far to many hours trawling the net for ideas and had decided on this design.
The cake itself was white chocolate and Bailey's mud cake with white chocolate ganache and fondant decorations. The shoes were made with fondant mixed with tylose (and edible substance that makes the icing set harder). It was the first time I'd made these particular type of shoes and they were almost to cute to partially hide underneath the ghost costume!
This couple really wanted something different for their engagement cake. We went through a lot of different designs and eventually settled on this one. This cake was a 2 tier double-barrel (were each tier is actually 2 cakes instead of 1) white chocolate mud cake.
The design on the side was created by the groom-to-be and scanned and emailed to me. I then recreated this on the side of the cake with a combination of hand painting and thin rolls of icing to provide outline and definition.
I really loved doing this design (although hand painting on a cake is slightly terrifying as there is no margin for error!)
I loved doing this cake. I was originally asked to make an army themed "30" cake and after discussions with the person ordering the cake we agreed the the "0" could be made to look like a grenade as that would fit with the overall theme and make it something a bit more special. The cake itself is chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganache and fondant. The figurine is handmade to look like the birthday boy.
This was the first of many number cakes I have now done and is carved out of a couple of 6" round and square cakes. The cake itself was one half butter cake and the other white chocolate. Both were covered in white chocolate ganache and fondant. All decorations were handmade.
This cake was made for my husbands birthday and was meant to be a surprise until I left the plans out on the kitchen table - whoops! Its modeled on his bright orange beetle which he is currently in the process of restoring
My work colleague Brad celebrates his birthday this weekend so I decided to bring in something special to work to celebrate. I'd seen this cake on the Internet and thought it was a great idea for a chocolate lover! It was a lot of chocolate and not too many of us ate lunch today! :)
The cake itself was a white chocolate/milk chocolate marble cake covered with milk chocolate ganache and decorated with lots of kits kats and m&ms - yum!
This Cookies and Cream mud cake was made for a small family party. The birthday boy enjoys playing Call of Duty on the X-box so the grenade was the perfect cake for the occasion